Site Design

GeekZone Web Design is focussed on providing the best experience possible for your site's visitors, whether they are potential customers searching the internet or employees using internal services. We believe in clean and stylish design, where the visitor's ability to 'find what they are looking for' is paramount. Navigation should be clear and obvious, and designing to internet standards means your customers can get what they need regardless of their computer, browser or internet connection. From a single page web based brochure, to multipage resource, to anything you can imagine, GeekZone design to your needs and budget. Why not take advantage of our web programming skills to turn your site from a brochure into a database backended corporate presence for staff and clients?

Who's looking?

People visiting your website will mostly fall into two groups - people looking for your business in particular, and people looking for the services your business provides. The first type are after information like contact details, information about your business, pricing, product information, and so on because they have used your business before or had it recommended to them, or maybe saw your advertising somewhere. The second type are after exactly the same thing. GeekZone websites are focussed on giving your visitors what they want.


Good web design means people can find what they want. It also means a site should be pleasing to the eye. And that's it. Complex or garish visual layouts can make your site unpleasant to read and drive customers away, but by the same token you don't want your site to look cheap and nasty. The clean interface of a GeekZone website means that customers will get a positive visual impression, and still be able to find the information they came for.


Ever been to a site that said "You need a browser of version 6 or greater to view this site"? Your visitors will be using a variety of web browsers on a wide range of computers. Some of them will want to enlarge the text or even use a program to read to them from the web pages they look at. We design to standards set by the World Wide Web consortium, which means that sites designed by GeekZone should be accessible to all visitors regardless of operating system or browser version. New sites can be designed to the latest XHTML standard, ensuring functionality well into the future.


As you would expect, prices will differ depending on the site you want, but the following can be taken as a rough estimate. A basic site will cost you around $1100 dollars. This gives you the following, with the approximate cost of each item indicated :

  • Design and creation of main logo, header/banner image - $220
  • Navigational buttons, backgrounds and other design items $275
  • 5 pages @ $110 - $550
  • 5 photo images, scanned and adjusted for web @ $11 - $55

These prices are GST inclusive, and items can be added or subtracted as necessary. These prices are given as a rough guide only, please contact us for a quote based on your specific needs.

Additional costs will include Web Hosting and Domain Name registration if required. The Hosting information page gives more details.